Aug 18, 2020

Video Baby Monitor - A Great Help For Parents With Babies To Look After

Looking after your little ones tends to keep you tied with them in the same place. However, as a parent, we know that attending to our children is only one of the many tasks we have to do at home. This is where a video baby monitor comes in really handy.

Why Do You Need A Baby Monitor?

Even though looking after the baby is the priority, you can't simply ignore the fact that you still have to do other chores.

Imagine accomplishing other things while looking after your baby, you're hitting two birds in one stone!

This is the beauty of having a video baby monitor - it can help you do other things while your baby is having a sleep time as you can still monitor whatever is happening by looking at the camera.


What Baby Monitor Should You Buy?

There are lots of models available out there. However, there are some types that are good on some aspect but don't have the features that you actually need.

Below are some of the features that a good baby monitor should have:

  • High Quality Video Camera

  • Does Not Need To Be Hooked Into Your WiFi Network

  • With Adjustable/Rotating Camera

  • Does Not Need Special App To Access Video

  • With Night Vision Capability

  • Portable

High Quality Video Camera

A high quality video camera is a must for baby monitors so you could clearly see what's happening with your baby. Our iZeeU V2.0 Video Baby Monitor does not only have a high definition camera but also features wide angle lens and digital zoom providing you a wider and better view of your child.

Does Not Need WiFi To Operate

A video baby monitor should be easy to operate and straight forward as possible. Like plug-n-play easy without needing to be hooked up into your home wireless network to make it work.

With Adjustable or Rotating Camera

The great thing with an adjustable or rotating camera is that it will help you monitor your kid's every movement that is why you should be looking for this feature as well.

No Need For Another App To Access Video

Again, simple and easy to operate will make your life easier. If the baby monitor you're looking at needs another app to access video, it will add complexity to the process. Some of the apps are unreliable as well so keep it simple.

With Night Vision Capability

Some video monitors available in the market don't offer night vision capability. While others do, the quality of the night time video is poor. This is another outstanding feature that our iZeeU V2.0 Video Baby Monitor provides. It has an excellent night vision camera so you can still see your baby clearly at night.


Portability is also one area that you have to look at. Setup should be wireless so no messy wires and cables in your home. You can also install the baby monitor in different places if it's portable if in case you need it to be installed somewhere else.


Those are just some of the key features that you should be looking at. Don't buy a baby monitor if any one of the above is missing.

Have a look at our iZeeU V2.0 Video Baby Monitor. It has all the features mentioned above and some other extra that makes it stand out from the rest. You'll definitely love it!










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